"It's also a satire of Hollywood and the L.A. party scene, which I'm sure the aliens would find fascinating! The girls are going to start getting smarter although they don't particularly want to, getting top level knowledge accidentally from the aliens, blurting out quantum physics equations and things in the middle of superficial fashion parties. They'll gain some super powers too that they won't know how to control. Kind of like Paris Hilton party girls meets the SyFy TV shows Eureka or Stargate... There will be lots of sexy looking girls, but no nudity or obvious sex, but kissing I'll show.... More of a PG thing. Pretty much anything that could be shown on Gossip Girl or Melrose Place, pushing some boundaries but I'm treating it as if it could be a network TV show.

I'm actually fascinated with the idea of aliens, have seen them and spaceships in my dreams a few times... I've even joked a few times that maybe they were living vicariously through me, enjoying all the crazy Hollywood parties I've been to--that's kind of where the concept for the comic book came up. That, and the time I was at the Playboy Mansion for Hefner's birthday party and I mentioned something about quantum physics and all the younger guys turned to me to talk and ignored all the Playboy centerfolds! So, I thought what about quantum physics AND Playboy centerfold type girls--there's a concept!"